In 2015, through multi-point layout, demonstration leading and model innovation, Xinyang actively promoted the application of industry E-commerce, carried out the construction of rural E-commerce in a down-to-earth manner and accelerated the introduction of cross-border E-commerce platform. So, the E-commerce full-chain system was preliminarily constructed and it increasingly presents a development trend of rapid start, stable driving and good development momentum.

Firstly, the industry E-commerce showed up prominently. According to preliminary statistics, in Xinyang, 12,000 enterprises in all walks of life got “electric shock” or “on the internet” to varying degrees, and the enterprise E-commerce application rate reached 53%, twice of that in the previous year. The Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau started the Xinyang High-quality Products Full-network Marketing Project, and such E-commerce star enterprises as Rains E-commerce, Hexing Hengda, Base Camp, Netops Technology and Yinghongda emerged one after another, and such network marketing brands as “Wenxin”, “Wudouba”, “Jia Jia Ai”, “Shangle”, “Berenstain Bears” and “Xinlan” become widely known. On “November 11” of this year, with the help of E-commerce, various enterprises in the whole city completed the network marketing with an amount of RMB 500 million through self-operation or agent operation, and the expresses delivered from Xinyang City reached over 1 million, realizing a historical breakthrough. So far, Jingdong and Suning have realized full coverage in the main urban area; HC network has extended to most of the county seats; and such projects as Tianmao One-day Delivery in Hubei, Henan and Anhui, Jinniu Network Warehouse and Jeef E-commerce landed in Xinyang; and such local E-commerce retail platform as Yaxing Legou, Haotang Gongshe, Jin Run Run, Liankangshan Special Local Products Networ, Huangchuan Online also developed differentially; such experimental consumption as group purchase of FMCG, such as food and beverage, housekeeping service and photography and fresh fruit purchase entered the families; and such campus and life service O2O E-commerce as “Green Hand Post”, “Didi Special Taxi”, “Tianmiao Home Decoration E Station” and “Wine Delivery” could be found on all the streets. And on 2015 White Paper Internet + of Tencent, Xinyang was on the list.

Secondly, the rural E-commerce set an example first. Guangshan County was determined as one of the first comprehensive demonstration counties for E-commerce in rural areas, and Xinxian County, Huangchuan County and Luoshan County are actively applying for it. Since the pilot work started, the Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau has “borrowing strength and introducing wisdom”, signed contracts with Alicuntao and Suning Cloud Business. Alicuntao “in Counties and Villages” project settled in Guangshan, Xinxian and Huangchuan, and the first 57 village stations in Guangshan County have been formally gone online and operated. Suning Direct-sale Store settled in Xixian, Guangshan and Huaibin; Jingdong Help Service Station settled in Shangcheng and Huaibin. Xinyang “Cloud Book Network” rural E-commerce project was comprehensively launched, and the first 12 stations in Shangcheng County have been all gone online and operated. Besides, the local E-commerce platforms of Xinyang, such as Ganshan Network and Haomai Network, also began to lay out rural E-commerce. Ganshan Network established 28 rural E-commerce service stations in Shihe Town and Pingqiao Town along Xinye Highway. Shangcheng County was determined as the national rural E-commerce information service pilot county, and Huangchan County and Luoshan County were also selected as the provincial pilot counties.

Thirdly, the cross-border E-commerce is coming. Xinyang actively contacted and cooperated with the domestic and foreign E-commerce industry giants, borrowed strength and introduced wisdom from them and accelerated the development of cross-border E-commerce. This July, 10 enterprises in the five key industries of Xinyang were selected and recommended to participate in “Henan Cross-border E-commerce October 10 Share Program” in Zhengzhou. With the help of Google AdWords Henan Experience Center, it provided customized “internet + foreign trade import and export” services for the enterprises. Since this September, it has signed contracts with Wuhan WINLINER. With the help of “Internet of Language” and “Cross-border Cloud” of Transn Group, it plans to adopt the way of government purchasing services while enterprises trying it free to open “Xinyang Special Area” and put tea, down garments and advantageous foreign trade enterprise online in a bundled manner. So far, two rounds have been completed and over 80 enterprises have been investigated, and it has made White Paper on Cross-border E-commerce of Xinyang City. Guangshan County and Zhengzhou Bonded Area successfully realized the docking; and the cross-border E-commerce e-trade direct sales center experience store settled in Guangshan. Through this platform, it will organize tens of thousands of commodities to be supplied to Guangshan County through customs.

Fourthly, the talents incubation and training is actively carried out. Xinyang has preliminarily constructed the government-university-association-enterprise E-commerce talent incubation and training mechanism, started the graded and classified E-commerce talents training program and carried out the “four entering program”. Firstly, enter the Party school. The professors of Zhengzhou University and Xinyang Normal University were invited to give lectures at the Party School of Municipal Party Committee and the counties and districts also contained the E-commerce training in the curriculum plan of Party school training and cadres training. Secondly, enter the Party and government organizations. It held “Full involvement in learning E-commerce”, “special lecture on cross-border E-commerce”, and organized the over 200 cadres about commercial affairs of different counties and regions to participate in the special instruction on “E-commerce logistics”, “cross-border E-commerce” and “rural E-commerce” in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanning and Quanzhou. Thirdly, enter the society. This year, it has held 27 E-commerce trainings, accumulatively over 60 trainings, training nearly 16,000 people. Fourthly, enter the counties and districts. Shihe District established the E-commerce lecture hall and gave a lecture every month; and it also carried out E-commerce training for the grass-roots workers of the towns under its administration. Guangshan County considered the 29th day of every month as the E-commerce training day and has accumulatively held 42 times, accumulatively training 6000 people. Shangcheng County invited the professors of Xinyang Agriculture and Forestry University to give lectures and first started the “E-commerce engineer” system modular training in the whole city.