Tea Production

Tea industry is the traditional and the leading industry of Xinyang. Constant growth of tea industry is ensured and its quality and safety is further strengthened.

Mineral Rich

With almost 49 kind of proven minerals and 280 proven ores, Xinyang’s specialty is non-metallic mineral resources. Its major reserves include Pertile, Swell Soil and Zeolite.

Rapid Industrialisation

The City dominates in industries like electronic information, green food, new building materials and textile & garments, with modern furniture, modern logistics and other industry clusters catching up quickly.

Scenic Beauty

Jigong Mountain is a national scenic spot, and is considered as one of the top four summer resorts in China. Ling Mountain is a Buddhist resort and Nanwan Lake, at 20 km. wide and 50 km. long, is a national forest park.


Xinyang City, called Yiyang, Shenzhou, Guangzhou or Shencheng in ancient times, is a prefecture-level city of Henan Province, and is known as capital of tea. Located in the southernmost part of Henan Province, connecting Anhui in the east and Hubei in the west and south, it is a thoroughfare of the three provinces and also a strategic area among the Yangtze River, Huaihe River, Yellow River and Han River and Huhei-Henan-Anhui regional central city. The whole city covers an area of 18,900 square kilometers, and has a total population of 8.5896 million. It governs 8 counties and 2 districts, 6 management districts and development areas. Xinyang is an excellent tourist city in China, the happiest city in China, “China Top 10 Livable City” (selected for three times running), a national ecological demonstration city and a national garden city.



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